Balance Beverage Project

Live with intent. Live with balance.

Balance is about living a life that incorporates all the things that bring you joy. We believe that you shouldn’t have to give up one love for another. Balance isn’t about perfection; it’s not black and white. It’s taking life as it comes and finding happiness alongside all of life’s inherent challenges and imperfections. Be you. Live a life you love. Chase your hobbies. Live with intent. Live with balance.

Born of the desire for balance, I’m thrilled to introduce you to our Balance Beverage Project. Balance Beverage Project is a side project that we started at True Respite late in 2019 with the goal of bringing our customers an alcoholic product that fits within a truly balanced lifestyle. We recognize that everyone’s balance looks different. We want to design a product that complements (rather than hinders) your ability to do the all the things you love.

The inspiration for Balance Beverage Project came last summer when I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon. I love running. I ran my first race when I was 9 years old and have been hooked ever since. However, while logging high weekly mileage during the hot summer months I found it extremely challenging to stay hydrated. I found that when I drank a beer in the evening I would feel the effects of dehydration the next morning during my run. As the summer went on I virtually stopped drinking beer because the frequent dehydration had become too prohibitive for my training.

After a while, foregoing beer started to make me feel sad. Beer is something I love so much that I left my engineering career to open a brewery. I feel strongly about the bonding and communal aspects of sharing a beer with friends, family, and strangers. I love the artistry found in craft beer. I didn’t want to have to give this all up because of my additional love of running. I figured there had to be a way to balance these two loves of mine so that I could enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle that included both.

Thus, Balance Beverage Project was born. I started researching how alcohol affects hydration and recovery from athletic performance. I learned that the diuretic effect from alcohol does not kick in until on has consumed a certain volume of alcohol, roughly the equivalent found in a 16oz can of a 4% ABV beer. I also considered a study that showed adding salt to low ABV beers has a net hydrating effect on the body (while determining that if you add salt to a high ABV beer it’s still going to dehydrate you). Another aspect of recovery I focused on was glycogen replenishment. My research indicated that alcohol does not inhibit glycogen replenishment if one continues to eat the same as one would without drinking the alcoholic beverage (so don’t replace your food with beer!).

We decided that beers under our Balance Beverage Project would be 4% ABV or below, would have an added electrolyte like salt, and would have another commonly accepted nutritious ingredient to add antioxidants or vitamins to the beverage.

You may have seen our Balance: Salted Acai Blonde Ale that we released earlier this year on draft. This was the first iteration in our Balance Beverage lineup. We decided to use acai because it is a low sugar and high antioxidant fruit. It turned out to be quite challenging to source aseptic acai without added sugar. I eventually found a local provider and drove out to Hagerstown to pick it up myself. We brewed a low ABV, salted, acai blonde ale to fit the template for our Balance Beverages.

We’ve got some exciting ideas for the next beers under our Balance Beverage Project! The current crisis has changed our release dates but the ideas are still brewing in our minds and you’ll see more Balance Beverages coming as we get closer to the summer months. It’s also important to note that Balance may extend beyond beer in the future but for now we’re sticking to beer.

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