Be The Key

Thanksgiving is a perfect day for reflection; not only on what we’re thankful for but where we feel we can offer more to our customers. After some overdue self-reflection, we feel we haven’t been absolutely crystal clear with you in our social mission and how we are pursuing it. Today, we change that.

Our social mission is simple: to spread as much joy as possible and to empower you to do the same.

We opened this brewery because the passion we have for beer and the joy we seek in serving you are unparalleled avenues for spreading joy. Beer is the great uniter. It brings friends and family together to share ideas, experiences, and a collective moment. It’s easy to understand why our love of the craft beer community and the welcoming atmosphere it creates drove us to open True Respite. We wanted to create our own center for spreading as much of that joy as we possibly can.

But that’s the key—there is only so much joy we can spread through providing great beer in a great spot with great people. Your engagement in the pursuit of your own joy is critical for achieving the level of happiness we’re seeking to spread. In fact, our very name, True Respite, emphasizes the role that each of you individually play in your own pursuit of moments that soothe your soul and rejuvenate your spirit.

That’s why we recognize a critical part of our job is to inspire you to create moments of mindful bliss by providing a forum in which you can build them.

You must BE THE KEY.

Practice gratitude. Pursue hobbies. Show love. Make time for friends. Focus on community. Prioritizing these activities can be a sincere challenge in our increasingly busy lives but they’ve never been so critical. It is our hope that every time you see the name True Respite or our iconic keyhole, you’re reminded that you must be the key to experiencing and sharing joy.

Sometimes, a simple reminder that happiness requires effort is all it takes to set a person in motion towards achieving their own happy moment. Once again—that’s why we’re here, and that’s why you’re reading this joy-filled Thanksgiving blog post. We just want to remind you to be the key to your own True Respite.

The support we’ve gotten from you, our customers and our community, has been tremendous. We can’t say thank you enough for the joy you bring us in running this labor of love and we hope we’ve been able to share that with you. We’re now recommitting ourselves to making that goal a more prominent part of experiencing True Respite.

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for supporting us in our mission to support you.


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Adding Momentum

February 21st, 2017, brought another massive change. Our daughter, Aislinn Liv O’Leary, was born healthy and happy at Reston Hospital Center weighing 7 lbs 9 oz. and measuring a respectable 20″. (The name Aislinn is Gaelic in origin and is pronounced “Ash-lynn”. Yes, we know we have condemned her to a lifetime of misspellings and bad pronunciations. Just wait until she realizes what the apostrophe in her last name will do to nearly every computer database ever…)

Aislinn Liv O’Leary

Like most parents, we had about 9 months to prepare for this change. Unlike most parents, we’ve had to balance the challenges of new parenthood with the immense battle that opening this brewery has proven to be. Fortunately, Aislinn is as placid and content as one could ever hope a newborn might be and her brother, Aidan, loves his sister and is all too enthusiastic to help us with brew days and baby duties.

So… Instead of pushing our train off the tracks, we’ve managed to let this little addition build our momentum. Things are looking better than ever right now as we finally negotiate a lease and solidify our financing. There’s great news and progress at every turn!

Unfortunately for you all, we’re not releasing the address for our location just yet. We’ve learned from our past efforts that nothing is final until the ink is dry on the last bit of paperwork. But our patience is paying off. Forward progress continues and we hope to have an exciting update for you in a relatively short time!


Brendan & Bailey