The Perfect Day

The Capital Wheel at National Harbor

Most beer releases no longer require an explanation. That’s generally the nature of releasing beers in 2020, isn’t it? Merely being hazy, T H I C C or sour is reason enough for a new beer to be brought screaming into this world. And in fact, release culture is a huge driver of the creation of new beers in the first place. It’s essentially an expectation that creativity and innovation never stop. So much of this industry is driven off of what’s next and what’s new. You HAVE to keep dropping new heat if you want to stay relevant.

At True Respite, despite the constant churn of new labels and new products, we focus heavily on keeping our brand personal. We take inspiration from the people, places, and events around us. We infuse a little bit of each of us into the releases we create, piecing together a story and a vibe that encompasses our brand and all the people within it. These projects have deep, personal meanings that tie the creator’s sense of self so tightly into the project that it sometimes takes on a completely unique personality of its own.

“Balance: Tangerine Gose” (3.9%)

That’s why we created the Balance series. Our Co-Founder, Bailey, yearned for a guilt-free beer option that would complement her healthy lifestyle. She wanted something that didn’t compromise on flavor but that didn’t inhibit her ability to train for a marathon or leave her feeling dehydrated and groggy after a pint. She poured countless hours into research of how to design the perfect beer to meet these needs and developed recipes and a brand that reflected her values.

It’s why we honor pop culture references that have influenced us. (“Fast Limes At Respite High” Berliner Weisse and “They All Become Blueberries” Fruited Sour, for instance.) It’s why we re-imagine nostalgic childhood memories that formed us. (Hello, “Fruit Crushers”!)

And it’s why we created the Inner Circle Series of hazies. Each release within the series ties deeply into a different friend, family, or team member’s life. What do they care about? Who are they, really? What brings them joy? We have the ability to honor the things that make each of our friends, family, and team members unique in very specific and personal ways.

“The Perfect Day” Hazy Double IPA (8.2%)

That brings us to this week. Our Inner Circle Series is getting a new release! We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of “The Perfect Day” Hazy Double IPA (8.2%). Whirlpooled with Centennial and double dry hopped with BRU-1 and Strata, this big ol’ hazy beast was fermented with our house Conan yeast. Our strain of Conan brings big, creamy mouthfeel with a hint of vanilla that only enhances the juicy nature of the hops. The BRU-1 contributes a pineapple and subtle spice character, enhanced by Strata’s passionfruit & cannabis-like punch. Centennial’s sensible citrusy IPA character balances the modern fruit character of Strata & BRU-1 and reminds us that this beer is still, in fact, an IPA like we know and love.

The origin of this beer started around Father’s Day 2019 when Co-Founders Brendan and Bailey took their kids, Aidan (4, now 5) and Aislinn (2, now 3) to the Capital Wheel at National Harbor. Unfortunately, when they arrived they found the harbor was far too foggy to warrant a ride on the wheel. Aislinn in particular was devastated that they couldn’t ride the wheel and took it pretty hard.

From then on, each time Brendan or Bailey said “no” to something she wanted, she kept muttering to herself that “it’s too foggy.” That phrase came to represent her unique experiences dealing with disappointment and searching for understanding. It was also too dang cute, so we named an Inner Circle Series beer after her and released it in Fall 2019…

“It’s Too Foggy” Hazy Double IPA (8.0%)

“It’s Too Foggy” Hazy Double IPA (8.0%) was an instant hit that was even picked up by prestigious national shipping retailer, Tavour, in Seattle, WA. In a stroke of luck, the Marketing Director at National Harbor, Jackie Saunders, stumbled across “It’s Too Foggy” on a visit to the True Respite tap room. When she learned about the story behind the beer, she reached out to Brendan and Bailey straight away and offered to let Aidan and Aislinn ride the wheel and finally fulfill their wish.

It was then that we realized we had an unusually golden opportunity to tell the story of the Capital Wheel and what a memorable bonding experience a family trip to National Harbor can be. Thus, a collab was born.

Delays and restrictions born of the pandemic have made it tough to bring this collab to life. This week, we are finally making it a reality. We’re canning “The Perfect Day” Hazy DIPA (8.2%) on Tuesday. We’ll grab a few cans and head for National Harbor on Wednesday, letting the kids finally get the ride they’ve been waiting for! The weather looks to be a perfect 81 degrees with little chance of rain (nor fog!)

After our joy ride, we’ll round off our perfect day with a perfect dinner at a local restaurant and take the moment to show appreciation for one another and for the experience we’ll have shared at the Capital Wheel and at National Harbor.

The best news, though, is that the Capital Wheel is putting together a package where you can share this same experience! They’re creating an experience bundle that includes a ride on the wheel, a pint of The Perfect Day, and a souvenir mug to take home. You can soon grab a ticket for your own perfect day at the Capital Wheel here:

Plan your own perfect day at the Capital Wheel and National Harbor with these bundled experiences!

We can’t say thank you enough to Jackie and the whole National Harbor and Capital Wheel teams for helping put this together. Aidan and Aislinn are both giddy with excitement for our big adventure and the beer is shaping up to be one of our best yet.


The True Respite Team