Squeezing Blood From A Stone

We have a new challenge on our hands

Things have turned from uncertain to absolutely crazy around these parts. We’ve finished our first brewery design, selected a general contractor, and had the county issue a first round of comments on our construction permit applications. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that the project costs for the brewery we’d like to build grossly outpace the budget we have available. This blog post is all about looking forward to what happens from here.

We have a new challenge on our hands: We have to squeeze blood from a stone. We’re in the process of finding cost savings in places they don’t appear to exist. Being engineers has been a major blessing through this phase of the process and has already paid massive dividends. We’ve managed to knock about 1/3rd of the overall project costs straight off the top by redesigning some mechanical and electrical systems. For example, we’ve moved from a three-unit HVAC system to a single unit with multiple zone control. We’ve also worked with the pilot brewhouse manufacturer to redesign its control panel and heating elements so we can eliminate major costs upgrading the building’s existing transformers and panels.

We’ve also had to step down on some long term maintainability items that we’d hoped we’d include from the start. For example, we’d have loved acid brick / dairy tile in the brewhouse and cellar sump areas. We’ve had to scale back to an epoxy floor coating with the intention to upgrade to chemical and heat resistant tile in the future.

Still–even with these money saving changes, we’re a hefty chunk of the project away from being able to release the GC to get the work completed. At this point, we’re looking at an October start to construction with the tap room opening in January. We’d love to get open sooner but we first have some major issues to solve.

On the positive side, we’ve received some incredible support from you, our community. While our own intrinsic motivation is strong, your enthusiasm for this project continues push us forward with even greater fervor. We can’t overstate how appreciative we have been for your excitement and the regular encouragement we get both from people we’ve known and people we’d never met. Ultimately, this project is about the community we’re bringing it to and you are all already showing us the love we hope to return.

Thank you for your patience and we’ll see you all in the tap room soon!