On Goals & Getting There

As we enter the new year, it’s hard not to reflect on our initial goal of opening by January 18, 2017…

As we enter the new year, it’s hard not to reflect on our initial goal of opening by January 18, 2017. We’d set that goal three years ago with the intent to be open by Brendan’s 30th birthday. We will not be meeting that goal. There have been so many more ups and downs than we could have ever predicted. Some of the things we thought would be hard turned out to be a breeze—like working with the county to validate our concept and to vet locations. Yet many of the things we thought would be easy turned out to be extremely difficult—like earning a lease from a landlord.

Late in the afternoon on December 23rd, we received some bad news: The landlord who gave us a letter of intent to lease their property back in August let us know that they no longer approved of our use and that they would not lease the property to us. They were concerned that our parking needs exceeded their building’s ability to provide the space. Per a meeting with the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services, the county disagreed. But that doesn’t matter now. It sets us back yet again as we set out to find a new location.

We are still targeting Rockville, MD, for our destination brewery and tap room’s location. We’ve fallen in love with Rockville and want to call it home. Still, our ability to stay depends on space availability and landlord approvals.

The good news is that we’re at a point now where we’ve solved all the major hurdles that would prevent us from opening at least once prior. Some we’ve had to solve multiple times. But today we have a clear path forward. We’re ready to charge into 2017. We’re ready to bring True Respite beer to Montgomery County. We’re ready to give the residents a comfortable place to relax in, a product to enjoy, and a brand to be proud of.

Stay tuned. We will post an update on location as soon as we have one. Big things are still coming, Montgomery County!!