Finding Home

We’d decided long ago that Montgomery County was going to be home for us. The people are wonderful, the cities and towns are beautiful and lively, and there is not nearly enough local beer to go around. What took some time to figure out, though, was where in Montgomery County we would finally set our roots. Each locale has its own charm and its own long list of pros.

Silver Spring is a dense, diverse city with very easy access to DC and a beer friendly attitude. The downtown area has also undergone a strong retail revitalization and that progress continues to this day, adding flavorful restaurants alongside fine art galleries as the city continues to define its culture.

Bethesda is a very clean community with a strong affection for local business. The continued success of Bethesda Row as a culinary and retail destination is a living testament to the sort of appreciation the city has for idiosyncratic businesses touting their wares.

But despite the clear pros for these other front runners, we have chosen Rockville to call our home.

Rockville Town Square

Rockville is the perfect balance of accessibility, affordability, and being an all around attractive place to live. Rockville’s beer scene is also flourishing of late with Gordon Biersch and 7 Locks anchoring the scene. We’re looking forward to contributing our own brand to the beer culture that is blossoming here as we continue to usher the craft beer revolution into Montgomery County.

This isn’t speculation or some passing dream. It’s real. It’s happening. We’ve signed a letter-of-intent on a property in Rockville. The only obstacles standing in the way now are completion of our fundraising round (which is very close to finishing) and approval of our loan application. Once these steps are complete, we’ll create a formal press release to announce the exact property we are moving into.

We are confident in our ability to complete these steps in a timely manner so that we can be serving the great residents of Montgomery County our beer before Summer 2017 arrives.

We look forward to serving you!


The True Respite Team